The Curse of Frankenstein

Includes Tony Dalton on Terence Fisher and The Revenge of Frankenstein

  • Director Terence Fisher
  • Country UK
  • Language English
  • Running time 83 minutes
  • Year 1957

Baron Victor Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) awaits his fate after being found guilty of murder. He recounts his history to a visiting priest, a history of ambition, science, and violence.

We can’t begin to overstate the historical importance of Curse of Frankenstein - as well as being a superb trip to the Hammer archives, it marked a huge turning point for director Terence Fisher and the studio itself. Not only was it the first Hammer horror film to be shot in colour, its runaway success made the studio realise they had hit onto a winning formula - gothic horror.

Terence Fisher, though a veteran of many types of genre, would find his calling card, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee would meet for the first time and Hammer would be responsible for a key turning point in British cinema.

Forms part of a triple-bill, with Tony Dalton's presentation on Terence Fisher and a screening of The Revenge of Frankenstein.