Flesh for Frankenstein 3D – Digital Restoration


  • Director Paul Morrisey
  • Country Italy/France
  • Running time 95 minutes
  • Year 1973

Deranged scientist, Baron von Frankenstein, with the help of his bizarre assistant, Otto, is determined to create a new master race, of which he will be the leader.

To achieve his objective, he constructs two perfect ‘zombies’ from an assemblage of body parts, intending them to mate. Meanwhile, complications ensue as Nicholas, a farm hand, begins an affair with the Baron’s sexually frustrated wife all while searching for his missing friend Sacha…

Films don’t come much cultier than Flesh for Frankenstein and we are beyond thrilled to be screening Vinegar Syndrome’s brand-new restoration of the film in 3D. Long believed never to see the light of day in such a pristine version, this is the first chance that anyone in Europe will have to experience the film at its most vivid and grotesque!