Gwledd (The Feast)

+ Q&A with Lee Haven Jones, Roger Williams, Annes Elwy & Steffan Cennydd

  • Director Lee Haven Jones
  • Country Wales
  • Language Welsh with English subtitles
  • Running time 93 minutes
  • Year 2021

Gwledd is told over the course of one evening as a wealthy family gathers for a sumptuous dinner party in their ostentatious house in the Welsh mountains. The guests are a local businessman and a neighbouring farmer, with the intent to secure a business deal to mine in the surrounding countryside.

When a mysterious young woman arrives to be their waitress for the evening, the family’s beliefs and values are challenged as her quiet yet disturbing presence begins to unravel their lives. Slowly, deliberately, and with the most terrifying consequences.

It’s an honour to open this year’s Abertoir with a great Welsh horror debut from Lee Haven Jones and Roger Williams. Gwledd spans multiple sub-genres with ease - folk horror, eco horror, home invasion - and binds them together in a captivating and slick package.