• Director Kostas Marsaan
  • Country Russia
  • Language subtitles
  • Running time 94 minutes
  • Year 2020

In the 19th century, misfortune befell the land of a wealthy family in Yakutia, North-East Russia. People hurried to leave and no one settled on it for centuries. As time passed, fear was forgotten, and farmers settled on the land once again. But the ghosts of this land have been waiting and one horrible night reveals secrets of forgotten history where one family’s life will change forever...

This atmospheric and beautiful folk horror film comes from the emerging industry thriving in the Republic of Sakhia (or Yakutia) - earning already the label of ‘Sakhawood’ – in North-East Russia. Performed primarily in the Yakut language, we’re thrilled to present the UK premiere of this must-see horror film.