The Sadness

  • Director Rob Jabbaz
  • Country Taiwan
  • Language subtitles
  • Running time 99 minutes
  • Year 2021

The city of Taipei suddenly erupts into bloody chaos as ordinary people are compulsively driven to enact the most cruel and ghastly things they can imagine. Murder, torture, and mutilation are only the beginning... A young couple are pushed to the limits of sanity as they try to reunite amid the violence and depravity. The age of civility and order is no more.

Zombies have long been used as vehicles for reflection on the state of society and here it’s no different – except for the extremity with which the modern id comes out to play. The Sadness is this year’s stand-out gore-fest – recommended for those with strong stomachs only!

Please note that The Sadness contains scenes that some people may find distressing.