Covid-19 Safety Measures


Last updated: 20/10/2021. Please bear in mind the following information is subject to change up to and during the festival. We’ll do our best to alert you to any major changes.

Abertoir Horror Festival takes place at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. To see the venue’s information and guidance, please visit the Arts Centre website.

Please familiarise yourself with the latest Welsh Government information regarding coronavirus, especially if you’re attending the festival from outside of Wales. Visit the Welsh Government website. As it stands, you do not need to use a Covid Pass to attend Abertoir.

Testing and Symptoms

We recommend that you test yourself before attending the festival, even if you are double-vaccinated. If you have a positive result, please do not attend the festival. You can refer to our pass information to find our refund policy.

If you develop symptoms during your time at the festival please do not continue to attend the festival and take a test. If you have a positive result please do not attend the festival. In the event of this happening after the festival has started, we will issue you with a partial refund.

If you’re able to, we would encourage you to continue to test yourself during your time at Abertoir, even if you don’t have symptoms.

The Venue & Auditorium

You will be expected to wear a mask at all times when inside the venue, including the auditorium, except for when eating or drinking or if you are exempt.

The auditorium will be socially distanced. There will be two seats between you (or your group) and the next person (or group of people).

There will be at least a 45 minute break between each film/event in order to allow for cleaning and air circulation in the auditorium. Touch points in and around the auditorium will be cleaned between every film and event.

Please ensure you wash and/or sanitise your hands often while attending the festival. There are sanitising stations around the venue in addition to hand washing facilities.

Festival staff will be wearing masks and sanitising regularly.

We will have a supply of hand sanitiser and spare single-use masks at the festival reception desk (but please bring your own).

When you collect your festival pass you can choose between two lanyards. Please choose a green lanyard if you’re feeling confident and comfortable being back at a public event; or an orange lanyard if you’re feeling a little nervous and prefer to take things slowly. This will allow all of us help each other have a comfortable experience.

Food & Drink

Aberystwyth Arts Centre has a café and a bar which will be open during the festival (opening times TBC).

There is ample seating (including some outdoor seating) where you can eat or drink.

For the most up to date information regarding the bar and café facilities during the festival, please visit the venue website.


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