Short films competition 2016

Over a number of months earlier in the year, Abertoir has been receiving short films for our competition. The response was phenomenal, we had entries from all over the world but sadly there just wasn't enough room to show all of the excellent entries. The final selection will be screened during the festival and we're sure you will agree that the quality of the work has never been better!

There will be two prizes on offer. The first being the Abertoir prize, and the second is the Melies D'Argent (only for European films).

As part of Abertor's role in the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation, our short films competition will award a Short Film Méliès d'Argent. This is an internationally recognised prize specific to the European Federation and is a testimony to the talented filmmakers in Europe. The winner of our Short Film Méliès d'Argent will go forward to the final lineup at one of the major European festivals for the prestigious Méliès d'Or Award for the Best European Fantastic Short Film. All our European short films are eligible.

Melies D’Argent - European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation


(Brian Deane, Ireland 15mins)

A young priest is sent to battle dark supernatural forces threatening a remote island community.


(Neville Pierce, UK 10mins)

When a wealthy stockbroker hires a rough builder to renovate the wine cellar underneath his country house, the two men fall out with chilling consequences.


(Daniel Romero, Spain 9mins)

Victor and Ana are enjoying their holidays at an idyllic lake. After having a huge row, the girl walks away into the forest.

Death Metal

(Chris McInroy, USA 5mins)

A metalhead, his satanic guitar and carnage.


(John Lynch, UK 15mins) 

Deep underground, a lone scientist mans a discarded research facility struggling to deal with extreme boredom, a desperate voiceless companion and a mystery he'd really rather not have to solve.

I Should Have Run

(Gabriela Staniszewska, UK 4mins)

One cold dark night, a woman encounters something strange and terrifying on her walk home. When she is asked a question, her sheer terror causes her to lie... with disastrous consequences.

Into the Mud

(Pablo S. Pastor, Spain 11mins)

A young woman wakes up naked in the middle of the woods. After the initial confusion and after verifying that she's hurt, she discovers a fisherman and hunter who will not easily let his new prey escape. Let the hunt begin.


(Prano Bailey-Bond, UK 15mins)

It’s 1982. Twelve-year old Doug is drawn into the lurid world of VHS horror as he explores the mysterious disappearance of his father.

Portal To Hell!!!

(Vivieno Caldinelli, USA 12mins)

A crusty and reclusive superintendent is thrown into the ultimate fight against evil when a couple of cultists open a portal to the ancient and mystical city of R'lyeh, awakening a slumbering god.


(Pascal Thiebaux, France 13mins)

“La Petite Souris” (“The Little Mouse”) is a legendary creature. In the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic cultures it corresponds to the “Tooth Fairy”.

The Birch

(Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton, UK 5mins)

A bullied teenager, fearing for his life, turns to an ancient creature of the forest for protection... and revenge.


(Ludovic De Gaillande, France, 14mins)

While several murders bloodying Paris, a German photographer, back in the capital after some time abroad, feels persecuted by an unseen presence.