Festival schedule

  • Tuesday, 19th November

    Tuesday, 19th November
    17:00 Drinks Reception
    18:00 It Came From Outer Space 3D
    20:00 The Nightingale
    22:45 Come to Daddy
    00:30 Lake Michigan Monster – UK PREMIERE

  • Wednesday, 20th November

    Wednesday, 20th November
    11:00 Abertoir in Space - launch
    12:30 Barking Mad: Gavin Baddeley on Lycanthropy for Fun and Profit
    13:35 8 – UK PREMIERE
    15:40 Short Films Competition - part 1
    18:00 Norman J Warren - in conversation with Tristan Thompson
    20:00 Inseminoid + Q&A with Norman J. Warren and John Scott
    22:30 Pub Quiz
    00:30 Why Don’t You Just Die!

  • Thursday, 21st November

    Thursday, 21st November
    10:00 The Monster Club
    12:10 Short Films Competition - part 2
    13:50 Donald Pleasence: Portraits Of Affection, Eccentricity & Mischievousness
    15:15 Flesh and the Fiends
    17:20 Sator + Q&A with Jordan Graham
    20:00 Satanic Rites of Robin Ince
    22:15 Vivarium
    00:15 First Love

  • Friday, 22nd November

    Friday, 22nd November
    11:00 Blood and Flesh: The Reel Life and Ghastly Death of Al Adamson
    13:00 Gary Sherman Masterclass - Creating the Illusion: Poltergeist III and the Secrets of Practical Special Effects
    15:30 Off-site screening: Prince of Darkness
    19:00 Mystery Screening
    21:15 Diner – UK PREMIERE
    23:45 Event Horizon

  • Saturday, 23rd November

    Saturday, 23rd November
    11:00 Four of the Apocalypse
    13:15 Silent Shorts Vol V with live piano accompaniment - WORLD PREMIERE
    14:50 Achoura + Q&A with Talal Selhami – UK PREMIERE
    17:30 Fulci for Fake + Q&A with Antonella Fulci and Giada Mazzoleni – UK PREMIERE
    20:00 Death Line + Q&A with Gary Sherman
    22:40 Blood Machines +Turbo Killer
    23:30 The Sounds of the Underground - party

  • Sunday, 24th November

    Sunday, 24th November
    11:00 Planet of the Vampires
    12:45 The Science Fact in Science Fiction
    13:45 The Magnificent Obsession of Michael Reeves + Q&A with Ben Halligan
    16:15 Nicko and Joe’s Bad Film Club
    18:45 Alien + Ron Shusett's introduction from space
    21:20 The Color Out of Space

  • Films
    Whet your appetite for the real meat of the festival; the films we’re screening for Abertoir!
  • Events
    We’ve got such sights to show you for our 2019 edition, folks, it’s gonna be a scream!
  • Guests
    See who’ll be joining us as our guests of honour, at this year’s Abertoir!
  • Short films competition
    Find out who’s in the running for our prestigious Abertoir prize and the Melies D'Argent!