Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D

  • Cyfarwyddwr Steve Miner
  • Cast

    Dana Kimmell

    Richard Brooker

    Gloria Charles

  • Gwlad USA
  • Iaith English
  • Hyd 95
  • Blwyddyn 1982
  • Cyngor Oedran 18

Chris and her friends travel for a weekend getaway at Higgins Haven, her old home on Crystal Lake. Once there – following an altercation with a biker gang – Chris confides in her boyfriend Rick that she’s chosen the location to confront her fears following an attack she suffered years prior. But could it be that the same assailant is there now, wearing a hockey mask, and killing off all her friends?

What could possibly improve upon the Friday the 13th formula better than old school 3D?! Expect all manner of things to be thrust into your eyes – fire pokers, pitchforks, a trusty ol’ machete – in this wildly entertaining film.