14 Sep 2016

Announcing LYNN LOWRY and Abertoir 2016’s classics line-up!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the one and only LYNN LOWRY as a special guest at Abertoir 2016! We'll be screening two of the films for which Lynn is best known, I Drink Your Blood and Shivers, as well as quizzing Lynn on her enduring career in cult horror films, as well as her own experiences of 42nd Street during its sleaziest heyday!

We will also be screening Maniac, as we further embrace the spirit of 42nd Street sleaze, as well as New York Ripper and 7 Notes in Black to celebrate the life of Lucio Fulci, in addition to our previously announced composer's cut of The Beyond with live score by Fabio Frizzi and the F2F band!

We're also pleased to reveal Carry On Screaming as our opening film, celebrating 50 years since the film’s release and fulfilling Gaz’s dream to combine Carry On… and Abertoir! Regular attendees of the fest know that it’s not Abertoir without Vincent Price, and this year’s Vincent-shaped treat will be The Fly!

These films barely scratch the surface of what’s in store at the festival, so do keep an eye out for many announcements of more events, talks and brand new films and premieres to come soon...!