20 Nov 2017

Abertoir 2017 Winners!

The festival is over for another year and we’re thrilled to announce the winner of the Short Film Competition and the highest voted features by the audience throughout the past six days.

We’re extremely pleased to announce that Mab by Katie Bonham won both the Abertoir Short Film Prize as well as the Méliès d’Argent for Best European Short Film. Huge congratulations to Katie and her cast and crew. Mab will now go on to compete with all other 2017 Méliès d’Argent winners for the prestigious Méliès d’Or in Sitges next year.

Topping the feature films were Roger Corman’s Tales of Terror, scoring highest amongst the classics, while the top rated new feature film at Abertoir 2017 was none other than Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse!

Congratulations  to all the filmmakers who made our programme this year and thanks to everyone who attended and supported the festival. Proper thanks will follow, but for now, Team Abertoir is going to rest...!

Take a look below for the top three scoring short films and the top five features both classic and new.

Abertoir Short Film Competition

1st – Mab (Katie Bonham, 2017)
2nd - Holy F__K (Chris Chalklen, 2016)
3rd – A Father’s Day (Mat Johns, 2016)

Méliès d’Argent

Mab (Katie Bonham, 2017)

New Features

1st – Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse
2nd – Mon Mon Mon Monsters
3rd – Canaries
4th – The Lodgers
5th – The Endless

Classic Features

1st – Tales of Terror
2nd – Demons
3rd – Blood and Black Lace
4th – Five Dolls for an August Moon
5th – Terror at the Opera