20 May 2020

Abertoir 2020 Online

What we love about Abertoir is the sense of family, and how we look forward to spending time with all of you each year. There's no doubt that 2020 has affected every one of us and it's clear the winter months will bring much more uncertainty and worry. We can't possibly do what we usually do this year and potentially put everyone at risk, so this year we've made the decision to bring Abertoir to you!

We'll be as interactive and as live as possible, bringing every one of you along for the ride. Live Q&As, live performances, brand new films, live presentations and a chance to spend time together no matter where you are. So this November, lock your doors, turn the lights off, and pray you'll survive the Abertoir home invasion!

Let us know your ideas for 2020: https://rtf2000.typeform.com/to/cjaXnCgZ

Gadewch i ni wybod eich syniadau ar gyfer 2020: https://rtf2000.typeform.com/to/q9ycJo5n