Museum Sleepover 2017

Halloween Sleepover and Gremlins (12A)
in the Ceredigion Museum!

Can you survive a night in the Museum on All Hallows Eve?

Kids: bring your sleeping bags, a torch and your adults for a spooky sleepover in the Ceredigion Museum and hope nothing goes BUMP in the night! There will be tricks, treats, games and Gremlins and a "survivor's breakfast" for all that make it through the night!
So here's what to bring in your survival kit!

·         - Your parent or guardian (So you can make sure they don't get scared!)

·         - Sleeping mat

·         - Sleeping bag

·         - Pillow

·         - Clothes to sleep in and warm things

·         - Torch

·         - Midnight feast

·         - Lucky teddy or object to keep you safe

·         - Hot water bottle

·         - Camping cup

·         - Washbag

We're very pleased to be collaborating with the local Ceredigion Museum to offer up a more youngster-friendly Halloween treat! This is a chance for kids and their associated adults to indulge in some spooky activities in the incredible old auditorium of the museum!

(Grown-ups: need help deciding if Gremlins is right for you?  The film is rated a 12A, which means it might be scary for the very young and they need a parent or guardian with them if they're under 12.  You can check out the British Board of Film Classification's very helpful Insight information HERE - be aware it containers spoilers!)

(Joe Dante, USA 1984, 106 mins)
A special treat for anyone who's never seen this cult classic!  Young Billy Peltzer has a new pet; cute, cuddly and extremely adorable. In fact, the best pet a boy could wish to have, as long as you remember a couple of important things…don’t feed it after midnight, keep it away from bright light, and whatever you do, don’t get it wet! What could possibly go wrong?  A welcome romp through 80s nostalgia for grownups, and a delightfully riotous scary comedy for the younger ones, there's something for all ages!

To book, please visit the Ceredigion Museum website, call them on 01970 633088, or pop into their fabulous new-look digs on Terrace Road, Aberystwyth! You can find further info on the museum's website.

Tuesday 31st October, 8pm - 8am
Age: 8 - 12 years (under 12s need to have a grown-up with them for the film)
Kids: £15
Adults: Free

Event curated by Ceredigion Museum in association with Abertoir and Aberystwyth Arts Centre.