Silent Horror Shorts

Abertoir Horror Festival is proud to have worked with pianist Paul Shallcross for many years. Most recently, the festival has worked with Paul on some very special packages of silent horror from the very beginnings of the genre in cinema, commissioning new scores for a number of fascinating, frightening and funny films.

All three volumes of the Silent Horror Shorts are available to book for other venues. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in finding out more!

Silent Horror Shorts Vol. 1

First commissioned and performed in 2013, these four films from the dawn of the 20th century encapsulate the terror and the humour to be found in early horror.

The Jest (Fred Paul, UK 15 mins, 1921)
Le Spectre Rouge (Segundo de Chomón, France 9 mins, 1907)
Frankenstein (J. Searle Dawley, USA 16 mins, 1910)
La Légende Du Fantome (Segundo de Chomón, France 13 mins, 1908)

Silent Horror Shorts Vol. 2

First commissioned and performed in 2014, these films feature the lighter side of cinema's first adventures into the realms of the macabre and the other-worldly. Vol. 2 is presented in memory of Afan ab Alun, whose kind donation has made this possible.

The Haunted House (Buster Keaton, USA 21 mins, 1921)
The Thieving Hand (J. Stuart Blackton, USA 6 mins, 1908)
Prelude (Castleton Knight, UK 8 mins, 1927)
Une Excursion Incohérente (Segundo de Chomón, France 9 mins, 1909)
Un Homme de Têtes (Georges Méliès, France 1 minute, 1898)

Silent Horror Shorts Vol. 3

First commissioned and composed in 2015 and performed in 2016, this collection of silent horror shorts continues to celebrate the inventive lighter side of horror, though forming the programme's centrepiece is a truly dark masterpiece of the avant-garde silent cinema.

Those Awful Hats (D.W. Griffith, USA 3 mins, 1909)
The Invisible Thief (Segundo de Chomón, France 5 mins, 1909)
An Over-Incubated Baby (R.W. Paul, UK 1 minute, 1901)
The Man with a Rubber Head (Georges Méliès, France 3 mins, 1901)
The Fall of the House of Usher (James Sibley Watson and Melville Webber, USA 13 mins, 1928)
There It Is (Charley Bowers, USA 22 mins, 1928)