Silent Shorts Tour Vol 1

A selection of silent short horror films from the dawn of the 20th century, featuring introductions to each film and brand new scores especially commissioned by the Abertoir Horror Festival. Composed and  performed by Paul Shallcross.

Origianally toured in 2014/2015.

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The Jest (1921)

(Fred Paul, UK 15mins)

A fantastic British entry from the “Grand Guignol” series. After his wife leaves him, an old man suffers for 40 years longing for her to return, until one day his fellow lodgers decide to play a vicious prank... By far the most modern of these films, it offers a narrative that could compete with the very best of today’s stories.

Le Spectre Rouge (1907)

(Segundo de Chomón, France 9mins, Pathe)

A demonic magician performs a magic show in the depths of Hell itself, however his mistreatment of his female assistants incurs the wrath of a good spirit who starts to interfere. Some ground-breaking special effects are on display here (including miniature women in glass bottles) in this early example of a “trick” film which even predicts the invention of the TV!

Frankenstein (1910)

(J. Searle Dawley, USA 16mins, Edison Manufacturing Company)

Filmed by the Edison Company in 1910, this was the very first example of Mary Shelley’s classic novel ever to be put on film. It features a terrifying creation scene that still astounds today, even though the distributors claimed they were toning down the “repulsive situations” of Shelley’s novel. A fascinating landmark in film history.

La Légende Du Fantome (1908)

(Segundo de Chomón, France 13mins, Pathe)

A journey into the underworld - a psychedelic cacophony of arresting visuals, human lizards, grim reapers, demons and ghosts, all joined together by a demon’s chariot (aka a poorly disguised car) and a narrative that would baffle Einstein. A memorable and barking mad experience!

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