Schedule 2020


Tuesday 27th Oct

1930 Pre Festival Pub Quiz

Wednesday 28th Oct

1800 Relic
2000 Gavin Baddeley – How to be Grotesque and Arabesque (Presentation)
2130 Blood Harvest (The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw)
2330 The Reckoning

Thursday 29th Oct

1300 The History of 42nd Street: The Director’s Cut (Presentation)
1600 The Abertoir Guide to Terror on the Telly (WORLD PREMIERE)
1800 Three Skeleton Key (WORLD PREMIERE)
1900 12 Hour Shift + Q&A
2130 Detention

Friday 30th Oct

1200 Witch of King’s Cross (UK PREMIERE)
1345 Bleed with Me (EUROPEAN PREMIERE)
1530 Short Films Competition
1830 Who Saw Her Die + Q&A
2115 Nicko and Joe’s Bad Film Club
2330 #ShakespeareShitstorm (UK PREMIERE)

Saturday 31st Oct

1100 Tales of the Uncanny (WORLD PREMIERE)
1300 Leap of Faith + Q&A
1545 History of the Occult (UK PREMIERE)
1730 Pixels in Peril (Presentation)
1900 Anything For Jackson
2100 The Robin Ince That Dripped Blood (Live Show)
2330 Cemetery of Lost Souls (EUROPEAN PREMIERE)

Sunday 1st Nov

1200 She Killed in Ecstasy + In the Land of Franco (UK PREMIERE)
1515 The Returned
1715 Silent Horror Shorts with Piano Accompaniment
1900 Roger Corman Live (Interview + Q&A)
2045 Come True + Q&A (UK PREMIERE)
2315 Closing DJ Set with DJ Dellamorte