Horror Festival
of Wales

14 – 17 November 2024

Abertoir horror festival 2023 Line up ROBIN INCE – An Uncanny Hour: Abertoir Special

ROBIN INCE – An Uncanny Hour: Abertoir Special

Sat 18 Nov 17:00

Robin Ince's face in black and white with the title in red to the side

Join Robin Ince and guests for a live recording of his podcast series An Uncanny Hour.

In this exclusive special edition for Abertoir Horror Festival, Robin will be joined by Gary Sherman and Jeremy Dyson to wax lyrical on the way in which so many of us came of age with horror – from illicit VHS viewings, reading books under the covers and to finally growing up (or not).

With a love for counterculture as much as culture, An Uncanny Hour promises entertaining, relatable and revealing discussions on our relationship with film and media.