Horror Festival
of Wales

14 – 17 November 2024

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Red Rooms

Sat 18 Nov 21:20

Kelly-Anne (Juliette Gariépy) wakes up every morning by the courthouse to secure a seat at the high-profile trial of Ludovic Chevalier (Maxwell McCabe-Lokos), a serial killer she is obsessed with. As days go by, she bonds with another groupie (Laurie Babin). But as proceedings drag on Kelly-Anne finds it increasingly difficult to maintain her psychological balance, and will do whatever it takes to get her hands on the final piece of the puzzle.

Red Rooms is an incredibly tense serial killer film, seen through the eyes of a true crime obsessive. A film that is at once a nail-biting thriller and an indictment of some of the darker implications of our society-wide obsession with major crime cases, Red Rooms is an intelligent and unrelentingly chilly experience.

Pascal Plante
French with English subtitles
Running time
118 mins