Horror Festival
of Wales

14 – 17 November 2024

Abertoir horror festival 2023 Line up The Dragon Lives Again
Bruce Lee clone fights skeletons with kung fu

The Dragon Lives Again

Wed 15 Nov 23:30

After his tragic death, martial arts superstar Bruce Lee (Bruce Liang) finds himself stranded in the afterlife. After squaring off with the King of the Underworld, the hero decides to accept his fate, at least for the moment. But the underworld turns out to be a hostile environment, and Bruce soon finds himself under attack by a cadre of the dead elite, including the Exorcist, James Bond, the Man with No Name, Emanuelle, and even Dracula and his army of zombies.

Yes, you read that correctly! The greatest line-up of heroes, villains and, er, Emanuelle, join forces to battle Bruce-Lee-But-Not-Really-Bruce-Lee. We had to include a Bruceploitation film in our line-up to coincide with the brilliant new documentary, and this freaky genre-bender was the obvious and only choice!

Law Kei
Hong Kong
Running time
90 mins